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Out from the dark recesses of the recording studio... Joe Haze is finally doing what fellow musicians and clients alike have said for years "Play guitar"! Joe has put down the seven string and his busy schedule as a hired gun guitar player and keyboardist to write an album. The album Super No is due for release mid December. I finally decided to do my own thing, put my own album out"- Joe Haze Born in San Jose, California Joe Haze developed an interesting infatuation with music at a young age. Immersed within the sea of creativity the late 80's had to offer Joe found himself at age 13 "wanting a guitar?" which he immediately found a passion for fueling the desire to practice eight or more hours a day. "I bought my first guitar at a pawn shop. I was horrible, all I could do was strum it and make awful noise. I didn't even have an amp."- Joe Haze Joe quickly progressed through the intermediate stages of his quest for aural aptitude with great proficiency. Auditioning for the position of lead guitarist in a then unnamed rock band after only playing the instrument for a mere three years, he excitedly earned the position. Alongside prominently experienced musicians Joe aptly held his own. "All my close friends played guitar when I was a kid, we would drill each other on scales for hours until our fingers were all most bleeding. - Joe Haze In 1994 Nine Inch Nails released the album "Downward Spiral" which indefinitely became the catalyst of intrigue for Joe to learn more about the art of audio engineering. Spending much time learning attributes of sound down to a science, he has found himself working as producer and engineer for a vastly diverse range of artists in the studio and producing his own individual projects in his sparsely spare time. Along the way Joe taught himself keyboard and sound design. Later in his career Joe was fortunate enough to run into with Chris Vrenna of Nine Inch Nails, one of his strongest personal influences, and expressed that The Downward Spiral was a focal point in the inception of his engineering endeavors. At which point Vrenna's response was, "Oh, I hope not…" elaborating upon the many mistakes he felt were made within the creation process of that particular album. Joe Haze has had an interesting musical career from playing guitar & keyboard in virtually every band he crossed paths with, to engineering and producing along side famed producer Sylvia Massy [Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers, System of a Down, Prince] He currently has some of his recent work in radio rotation in the area he currently resides.
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